30 Sep 2011

Solving Conflict: Technique #3

Posted by Orlando HOA Services

Sometimes managing a Condo Association is like raising teenagers: Choose your battles. When I came to my condo’s Board of Directors we had a bit of a range war going on.

A couple of owners had broken one of our Rules and Regulations by owning a dog over 25 pounds. It was clearly stated: no more than 25 pounds. And these dogs were way over the limit. However, no one had enforced this rule for years and these were gentle, beloved family pets. Obviously, we didn’t make anyone get rid of their dogs. But we do make sure all dogs (big or small) stay on their leashes or inside their fences. We have small children in the complex and even the gentlest dogs can behave inappropriately if they perceive a territorial intrusion (just ask your local postal carrier).

So instead of fanning the flames of conflict,  we addressed the issue of safety, which was really the underlying concern. Sometimes it’s best to look at the intent of the law rather than be a stickler for the letter of the law.

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