5 May 2015


Posted by Orlando HOA Services

By Beth Grimm, HOA Attorney and The Condo Guru

I’ve taken several seminars from Beth Grimm. I love her common-sense approach to solving problems with homeowner associations. While it is always crucial to know the law, she truly understands the importance of first tackling the underlying problems that result in conflict. You gotta love an attorney who likes to avoid litigation. I love to share her wisDom. You can subscribe to Beth’s e-newsletter at www.californiacondoguru.com.

IgnoreThemIgnore Them. Few things are more grating than having someone ignore your pleas, questions, or requests. Some say silence is golden. I say that is true only when you are not waiting for an answer. If an owner brings a question or concern to the board, for example, in a homeowner forum, and there is no response whatsoever, the person feels like they are being ignored, and that ignites feelings of anger or frustration. It also presents poorly to anyone else at the meeting. There are some things a board can do to encourage owners to come to meetings and participate in the homeowner forum without inviting trouble. For example, a director might open up the forum with a statement like “We welcome your comments, questions, and concerns and we will accept your requests in writing if you run out of time given the ___ minute limit, and be assured we do our best to investigate where warranted and respond where appropriate.” There is certainly much more that can be said. For example “Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to come forward and address the board” …, although a simple statement can ease tension in the proceedings and take an angry or frustrated person off guard.


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