5 May 2015


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By Beth Grimm, HOA Attorney and The Condo Guru

I’ve taken several seminars from Beth Grimm. I love her common-sense approach to solving problems with homeowner associations. While it is always crucial to know the law, she truly understands the importance of first tackling the underlying problems that result in conflict. You gotta love an attorney who likes to avoid litigation. I love to share her wisdom. You can subscribe to Beth’s e-newsletter at www.californiacondoguru.com. 

Holding Information Too Close to the Vest/Secrecy. Most adults learn at some point that neither they nor any person on the other end of any dispute, concern, or distressing situation appreciates secrecy. Hopefully you have learned by now whether you are a board member in your Association or an owner who is in disagreement with a director or the board that keeping secrets without a good explanation erodes trust. Any time a board is faced with difficult decisions because of unanticipated events or new discoveries, the tendency is to want to discuss those things in private. I don’t think it is normally because they want to “protect” the owners, but rather is because they want to avoid discussing difficult topics anywhere but in a controlled environment. If you want to see for yourself how a person of leadership can retain their respectability by not only helping to uncover, but also helping to find resolution, in a very difficult situation, tune into Jameson Lingl’s “Ventura Podcast” interview with Charlotte Craven, a Ventura City Council Member. I had the good fortune to have a good friend point me to this while in the area. Charlotte She has served as a councilwoman for about 35 years, and during that time helped to discover in the 80s a $24 million shortfall in the Ventura City budget. She and other council members, even though not having had anything to do with the problem (two sets of books were being kept by the City Manager), were sued individually for $6 million each. Through all this, she stayed her ground and helped, along with other respectable and hard-working council members, to overcome this very painful discovery and get the city’s budget back on track. Her interview provides a good illustration of fortuitousness and grace under pressure and any director would do well to strive to emulate that kind of an example. Check it out at http://www.VenturaCountyPodcast.com

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