7 May 2015


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PlanBy Beth Grimm, HOA Attorney and The Condo Guru

I’ve taken several seminars from Beth Grimm. I love her common-sense approach to solving problems with homeowner associations. While it is always crucial to know the law, she truly understands the importance of first tackling the underlying problems that result in conflict. You gotta love an attorney who likes to avoid litigation. I love to share her wisdom. You can subscribe to Beth’s e-newsletter at www.californiacondoguru.com.

Not Having a Plan. No one gets anywhere by floundering around like a freshly caught fish on the floor of the boat. I realize that in hobbies like watercolor painting there can be “happy accidents”, but I have yet to hear about a particular situation where a board accidentally resolved a problem. Resolving problems typically takes planning and pragmatism – the bigger the problem, the more planning and pragmatism is needed. When a board is facing an extremely difficult problem, such as planning for rebuilding after a fire or disaster or discovering considerable budget shortfall, it becomes a delicate situation to take it to the owners. The more that the board can illustrate through transparency and communications to the members that it is working on the situation and formulating a plan, the more the board is likely to retain the trust of those owners who have never known any other condition. If the board fails to get necessary help from experts or persons who have been through similar situations it may find itself floundering and if this occurs in the midst of a board meeting, a townhouse meeting, or a membership meeting of any kind, the foundation starts to crumble and now the board is facing not only the difficult problem but the loss of trust of the members. As the trust is eroded, more and more questions are raised and directed that the board, more and more arrows come out of the quiver, and this often sends the board either on the defensive or on the run.

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