29 May 2015

Building a Community Within HOAs; More Than a Picnic

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I found this wonderful article in a newsletter from New Jersey called The New Jersey Cooperator. It’s written by Jonathan Barnes and you can find more info on condo ownership (remember HOA laws vary from state to state, so I wouldn’t they wouldn’t be a good source for legal questions) you can access them at http://njcooperator.com/articles/9/1/Building-Community-Within-HOAs/Page1.html.

CommunityHere’s Mr Barnes on building community:

Communication = Good Neighbors: Experts in the real estate management industry say that gatherings such as barbecues and poolside parties can be helpful in bringing community members together. It allows them to get to know each other, which often facilitates a more peaceful coexistence. Building a sense of community in a building or development is important because it creates a network of support among association members. Ultimately, that closer communication improves the quality of life in the community, and lessens the number of misunderstandings and conflicts.

Community Building Benefits Everyone: “In homeowners associations, it’s a microcosm of society,” says Gary Wilkin of Wilkin Management in Mahwah. “In many cases, people don’t want to be involved in the process. Fewer and fewer people want to go to the meetings because somebody else is taking care of it, and they don’t have to.” “People are too busy to care. Unless they are directly affected, they don’t want to be involved,” Masso says.

Marie Oliva, managing director of the Solomon Organization in Summit, suggests the importance of enlisting new members. “A lot of times the board of directors stays the same year after year, and some residents don’t bother getting involved because they don’t think they’ll be listened to,” she says.

Members feel that the overall community is not their concern, agrees John Masso, a property manager with Richardson Management Group in Hamilton.

Too often, members of a community don’t see a reason to get involved with their association. When things appear to be running smoothly, most don’t think their help is needed.

Enticing residents to volunteer time and energy to work for the community is a hard sell. Some say that part of an association’s burden is to make community involvement more attractive to all residents. Accomplishing that goal takes more than one kind of approach.

We might assume that the ability to recognize neighbors and understand community rules is a given among homeowners. That’s not always the case. In fact, it is often lack of communication that leads to unnecessary neighbor-vs.-neighbor conflicts.

One irony of modern life is that being in close proximity to your neighbors doesn’t necessarily make you closer to your neighbors. At best, people might know just a handful of neighbors in their community. Many of us lead hectic lives, and justify our lack of community involvement by saying we just have too little time. Time is an issue, no doubt about it, but there are good reasons to add a little involvement to your “to-do” list. Indeed, connecting and socializing with your neighbors can be much more useful than it appears.

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