3 Aug 2016

Your HOA To-Do List

Posted by Orlando HOA Services

Often times, problems arise when behind the scenes work are not getting done. Those problems can be minor problems or big problems, but they are usually preventable with proper procedures. We would like to have those things done perfectly, however, most of us have lives outside of our HOA. The Board of Directors doesn’t always have the time or the knowledge to do the job right. But all is not lost, in this and next post, we will share a simple to-do list of what every HOA needs to get done to help your HOA to be financially strong in the years to come.To-Do List

We will start something fairly easy today – Board Meetings – HOAs are required to have at least 4 meetings each year. Schedule it ahead of time! Assuming the HOA is on a calendar fiscal year, plan it out in January! Make people put it on their calendars way ahead so they don’t have last minute excuses like “My cat is on fire” (which can actually be a valid emergency excuse).

Next week, we’ll go over the actual work; work we help our clients do. Do you need an expert? Orlando HOA Services can help you set up good financial practices that will keep your association financially strong and well into the future. Email us at JR@Orlando-HOA.com or visit our webpage at www.Orlando-HOA.com!


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