23 Aug 2016

Project Priority

Posted by Orlando HOA Services

Priority-ManagementIdeally, we would be repairing and maintaining our common areas on time and on budget. But stuff happens. Then… what do we do? We have worked with HOA and condo associations that get overwhelmed because they have so many repairs and projects but only a limited amount of budget.





Any kind of future projects or repairs needs to be prioritized accordingly. This is where you must separate your association’s needs vs wants.  Everyone wants the landscaping or condo exteriors to look immaculate, but no one gets excited repairing an unsafe stairwell or repairing a leaking sprinkler system.  You must eliminate any safety or potential liabilities before exploring any community beautification projects. Your first priority then is to fix the thing that is doing the most damage and creating the most chaos to your structures.

Finally, if you find your HOA have to defer maintenance, make a plan as to when and how you’re going to make that maintenance up. Put it off one, MAYBE two years, but get it done. Meanwhile, fix the budget issue that is keeping you from doing your regular maintenance. Yes, no one is happy when you raise condominium dues, but they will be much less happy when the structures start to fall down around their ears.

The best way to avoid being in such mess is to have a good financial plan and management. Do you need an expert? Orlando HOA Services can help you set up good financial practices that will keep your association financially strong and well into the future. Email us at JR@Orlando-HOA.com or visit our webpage at www.Orlando-HOA.com!


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