6 Sep 2016

Stay the course

Posted by Orlando HOA Services

It is really easy to get distracted throughout the year with landscaping improvements, new and improved security systems, and other random projects throughout the year. Your association made a budget for a reason, so try your best to stick to it as best you can.  However, while a pro forma budget is a great guideline for your HOA, it is a living document and you need to be reasonably flexible. If you do have to make an unexpected expenditure, take your time and make the best decision for your HOA or condo association. Find out what caused the unexpected expense in the first place and create ways to prevent it in the future.

Creating and maintaining an HOA budget is an essential part of maintaining a fiscally responsible association.  Even associations that are not as healthy financially as they need to be, with some minor modifications, they too can be financially fit in time.   If you follow the basic steps outlined in the previous blogs this month and continue to evaluate and adjust over time, your community association will thrive financially now and in the years to come.

Do you need an expert? Orlando HOA Services can help you set up good financial practices that will keep your association financially strong and well into the future. Email us at JR@Orlando-HOA.com or visit our webpage at www.Orlando-HOA.com!


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